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            We are a group of community volunteers dedicated to the preservation of built and cultural heritage in southeastern Ontario, Canada.  Based in the City of Kingston, we succeed because of the support of our valued membership and generous sponsorsWe accomplish our objectives by delivering informative heritage related tours, talks and workshops and by recognising heritage property owners, architects and contractors for their contributions to heritage conservation.  Learn more.              ____________________________________________________________________ 

Upcoming Events

Be ready for it! On February 21, in the Great Hall of the wonderful St. George's Church, 129 Wellington Street, we are having a scintillating panel discussion with four of the City's leading heritage professionals. Dare I call it a Smack Down Event for Heritage Week? I am not sure what we should call it, but YOU should be there!
Put it on your calendar!  7:30 p.m. 129 Wellington St. 2nd floor (elevator available) in the Great Hall at the rear of St. George's Church. There is lots of street parking on Clarence next to the Post Office. 
  If you have any questions, call S. Bailey at 343-363-1901.

Upper Canada Stonehouse Group logo  We welcome our newest Benefactor!

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