Heritage Links

Local Heritage Links

Heritage Kingston
You can access information on the committee including agendas and minutes for current and past meetings, as well as get information on heritage grants.

Loyalist Township Heritage Committee
LACAC committee for Loyalist Township.

Kingston Historical Society
Organization that creates, fosters and maintains interest in the history and heritage of the City of Kingston and its environs. Website offers a searchable marker database.

Queen’s University Archives
Offers online searchable database of items in the archives including photographs.

Jennifer McKendry: Kingston Architecture
Architectural Historian Jennifer McKendry’s website offers a multitude of information including articles about architecture in Kingston and area. The site also offers books for sale.

Ancestral Roofs:  “In praise of older buildings” 
A fascinating informative Blog by a Belleville based free-lance heritage writer and researcher.  There is a lot to see and learn about on this remarkable site!


Provincial Heritage Links

Ontario Heritage Trust
Provincial government agency dedicated to “to identifying, preserving, protecting and promoting Ontario’s rich and varied heritage for the benefit of present and future generations.”

University of Waterloo’s Heritage Resources Website 
On April 30, 2012, a new website and mobile application launched that enables Canadians to take a direct role in identifying important community heritage assets. Building Stories (www.buildingstories.co) is an incredible new on-line resource making thousands of original documents, photos and historical records available online from a wide variety of communities.

Ontario Ministry of Culture
Government site that offers loads of information about cultural heritage including built structures. You can access the Ontario Heritage Act from this site.

Ontario Heritage Property Database
Direct link to the government’s heritage property database.

Architectural Conservancy of Ontario
This organization is dedicated to the preservation of buildings and structures of architectural merit in Ontario since 1933. The site offers great information about what is happening in heritage preservation in branches throughout Ontario.