The Frontenac Heritage Foundation believes that its property, 62-66 Brock Street – the last remaining modest tradesman’s shop in the downtown – needs to be preserved. Consequently, the Property Committee decided to restore the street facade to how it looked during the late 19th century appearance, based upon early photographs and remaining physical evidence.  In addition, the rear annex and yard will eventually be improved.


The exact year 62-66 Brock Street was begun is uncertain but there is evidence that the land was developed as early as the mid 1820s. Research is ongoing.  As building upgrades occur, we photograph and record what is revealed.  Our visual records will be especially important for the future restoration of components that are being covered over in the current renovations.  We enjoy good relations with our neighbours and have ongoing meetings with Kincore Holdings to share development plans for our respective properties in the block bounded by Brock, Clarence, King East and Wellington Streets.

Significant improvements were made in 2004 to the plumbing and electrical services. Also, air-conditioning was added to the retail spaces.  It is important that this property now meets all City of Kingston codes for fire and safety.  The main floor has been strengthened and the commercial space fire-rated.

The exterior improvements to 62-66 Brock Street are very noticeable.  Almost all of the later yellow paint has been removed from the brickwork facing the street.  The original first-floor cornice has been replicated and the woodwork painted in period colours. Inappropriate signage has been replaced with tasteful overhanging signs.